Postgres MV Fast Refresh

I had the pleasure on working on a fast refresh module for postgres something that is missing and we really needed for a project i was working on so in collaboration with AWS we managed to create this capability which is now in production and works very well, go take a read of the blog […]

Quicksight API

AWS have now put a nifty API behind quicksight so we can automatically create users, data-sources, data-sets, analysis, templates and dashboards all through the API. I will go through the api commands and show some demo’s of the commands Template Build  So we have test_list_demo analysis which has been built and we want to build a […]

S3 import into RDS Postgres

I wanted to test the functionality to pull S3 data into a Postgres RDS database so i’ve set-up a test that pulls a csv file from a s3 bucket into the RDS instance the RDS instance needs to have the s3Import feature set-up via a role, see the screen shot below  So we first create […]

PostgreSQL RDS snapshot to S3

A really nice new feature to RDS is the capability of taking a snapshot of your data to S3 and it being stored in parquet format, we have a use case to try and get insight to some of the data we have in our RDS database so a nice cheap risk free way of […]

Change Listener ports RAC

Had to change some listener ports from 1521 to 8001 on a RAC environment recently here are the steps taken. 1. Check the listener status [oracle@test0101 20299013]$ srvctl status listener -l LISTENER Listener LISTENER is enabled Listener LISTENER is running on node(s): test0101,test0102 2. Modify the listener [oracle@test0101 20299013]$ srvctl modify listener -l LISTENER -p 8001 3. Bounce […]

Setting up Instance Caging

A great way to limit CPU on a shared database server is by using instance caging, below are the steps to implement instance caging. 1. Check to see if instance caging is enabled SQL> select name from v$rsrc_plan where is_top_plan = ‘TRUE’ and cpu_managed=’ON’; no rows selected Its not enabled 2. Set the CPU count Set the […]

oratop – monitoring tool

Just found out about the new oracle tool oratop, not used it live issues yet but it looks a great tool if your on linux and on or > The oracle note on the product is – oratop – Utility for Near Real-time Monitoring of Databases, RAC and Single Instance (Doc ID 1500864.1) Sample […]

11gR2 RAC recovery test

I was working on a recovery guide for a RAC cluster I built so I thought I would share the recovery of the DATA diskgroup. The set-up is a 2 node RAC cluster running standard edition ASM with 2 disk groups DATA and FLASH. The OCR and voting disk are in the DATA diskgroup […] DuplicateEntityException: ORA-20500

Got the following error when trying to add a target on 12c Grid Control TEST: ORA-20500: TEST:oracle_database:testprd:https://testprd:3872/emd/main/:3:0 ORA-06512: at “SYSMAN.EM_TARGET”, line 3347 ORA-06512: at line 1 – ORA-20500: TEST:oracle_database:testprd:https://testprd:3872/emd/main/:3:0 ORA-06512: at “SYSMAN.EM_TARGET”, line 3347 ORA-06512: at line 1 To fix this we just need to remove the entry from the repository, so connect to […]

Removing Disk from a ASM diskgroup

Steps to remove a disk from a ASM diskgroup So we have the following disks and the plan is to remove VOLE SQL> select group_number, name, TOTAL_MB, FREE_MB from V$asm_disk_stat; GROUP_NUMBER NAME TOTAL_MB FREE_MB ———— —————————— ———- ———- 0 1019 0 1 VOLA 1019 842 1 VOLB 1019 841 1 VOLC 1019 841 2 VOLD […]