Change Listener ports RAC

Had to change some listener ports from 1521 to 8001 on a RAC environment recently here are the steps taken. 1. Check the listener status [oracle@test0101 20299013]$ srvctl status listener -l LISTENER Listener LISTENER is enabled Listener LISTENER is running on node(s): test0101,test0102 2. Modify the listener [oracle@test0101 20299013]$ srvctl modify listener -l LISTENER -p 8001 3. Bounce […]

Setting up Instance Caging

A great way to limit CPU on a shared database server is by using instance caging, below are the steps to implement instance caging. 1. Check to see if instance caging is enabled SQL> select name from v$rsrc_plan where is_top_plan = ‘TRUE’ and cpu_managed=’ON’; no rows selected Its not enabled 2. Set the CPU count Set the […]

oratop – monitoring tool

Just found out about the new oracle tool oratop, not used it live issues yet but it looks a great tool if your on linux and on or > The oracle note on the product is – oratop – Utility for Near Real-time Monitoring of Databases, RAC and Single Instance (Doc ID 1500864.1) Sample […]

11gR2 RAC recovery test

I was working on a recovery guide for a RAC cluster I built so I thought I would share the recovery of the DATA diskgroup. The set-up is a 2 node RAC cluster running standard edition ASM with 2 disk groups DATA and FLASH. The OCR and voting disk are in the DATA diskgroup […] DuplicateEntityException: ORA-20500

Got the following error when trying to add a target on 12c Grid Control TEST: ORA-20500: TEST:oracle_database:testprd:https://testprd:3872/emd/main/:3:0 ORA-06512: at “SYSMAN.EM_TARGET”, line 3347 ORA-06512: at line 1 – ORA-20500: TEST:oracle_database:testprd:https://testprd:3872/emd/main/:3:0 ORA-06512: at “SYSMAN.EM_TARGET”, line 3347 ORA-06512: at line 1 To fix this we just need to remove the entry from the repository, so connect to […]

Removing Disk from a ASM diskgroup

Steps to remove a disk from a ASM diskgroup So we have the following disks and the plan is to remove VOLE SQL> select group_number, name, TOTAL_MB, FREE_MB from V$asm_disk_stat; GROUP_NUMBER NAME TOTAL_MB FREE_MB ———— —————————— ———- ———- 0 1019 0 1 VOLA 1019 842 1 VOLB 1019 841 1 VOLC 1019 841 2 VOLD […]

Oracle Database 12c Software Install on Redhat 6

The following are the steps I used to install Oracle 12c on Red Hat 6 Download the Software from Technet The 2 zip files needed are & OS Settings Ensure the Hostname is in /etc/hosts [root@dba05tst stage]# cat /etc/hosts |grep dba05tst dba05tst Disable the Firewall Settings [root@dba05tst stage]# service iptables save iptables: […]

Changing Default profile limits

How to change the default profile limits useful for setting the password life time to stop the password timing out and asking the user to change the password especially when applications are connecting to the DB. SYSTEM@WEBDB1> @qprofileEnter value for 1: DEFAULTold   1: select * from dba_profiles where profile =upper(‘&1’)new   1: select * from dba_profiles […]