Sql Scripts

Useful Sql Scripts

freespace.sql – Datafile Size and Freespace Script

qflash.sql  – Show flash usage and flashback details

qrestore_point – Check for any restore point in the database

qbackup –  RMAN backup job status

qsessions – Show sessions connected to the database

qtemp – Temp tablespace details

qundo – Undo tablespace details

qarchive_generated – Lists archive log generated grouped by day

qdb_size – List the used, free and total space in the DB

qblocking – Show any blocking sessions

qlocks – Details any locks in the DB

qlinks – Lists any DB links in the DB

qjobs – List dba jobs and scheduler jobs

qrunning_jobs – List any running dba_jobs and scheduler jobs

qbuffer_cache_advisory – Show the buffer cache advisory info

qshared_pool_advisory – Show the shared pool advisory info

qpga_advisory – Show the PGA advisory info

qtablespace_objects – List sum of object size by user in selected tablespace

quser_object_size – List all objects by size for chosen user in chosen tablespace

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