Setting up Instance Caging

A great way to limit CPU on a shared database server is by using instance caging, below are the steps to implement instance caging. 1. Check to see if instance caging is enabled SQL> select name from v$rsrc_plan where is_top_plan = ‘TRUE’ and cpu_managed=’ON’; no rows selected Its not enabled 2. Set the CPU count Set the […]

Changing Default profile limits

How to change the default profile limits useful for setting the password life time to stop the password timing out and asking the user to change the password especially when applications are connecting to the DB. SYSTEM@WEBDB1> @qprofileEnter value for 1: DEFAULTold   1: select * from dba_profiles where profile =upper(‘&1’)new   1: select * from dba_profiles […]

Entering the world of blogging

Welcome to my blog, this is going to be a site dedicated to tools and tips for Oracle DBA’s! it will be mainly a place for me to store all my sql scripts I have created over the years but i’m sure they will be helpful to many a DBA.