Removing Disk from a ASM diskgroup

Steps to remove a disk from a ASM diskgroup So we have the following disks and the plan is to remove VOLE SQL> select group_number, name, TOTAL_MB, FREE_MB from V$asm_disk_stat; GROUP_NUMBER NAME TOTAL_MB FREE_MB ———— —————————— ———- ———- 0 1019 0 1 VOLA 1019 842 1 VOLB 1019 841 1 VOLC 1019 841 2 VOLD […]

ORA-00245: control file backup failed; target is likely on a local file system

Oracle RAC DB backup failing with the following error: Error Mon Oct 07 01:03:28 2013 Errors in file /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/testdb/TESTDB1/trace/TESTDB1_ora_25286.trc: ORA-00245: control file backup failed; target is likely on a local file system Cause This is down to the snapshot controlfile being on a local disk and it needs to be on a shared disk […]

ORA-12012: error on auto execute of job “ORACLE_OCM”.”MGMT_CONFIG_JOB_2_1″

Got the following error on a RAC database, after investigation it turns out to be a Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) error as we don’t use this product its safe to  just disable the jobs Error Sun Oct 13 06:00:01 2013 Errors in file /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/test/TEST1/trace/TEST1_j004_20464.trc: ORA-12012: error on auto execute of job “ORACLE_OCM”.”MGMT_CONFIG_JOB_2_1″ ORA-29280: invalid […]

Clearing down a failed Grid Infrastructure Install

The following is the steps needed to clear down a failed RAC install, the part of the install can cause numerious issue so these steps have been used on several occasions Run the to deconfig the cluster Run on the first node root@testnode1)$ ./ -deconfig -verbose -force Using configuration parameter file: ./crsconfig_params […]

Useful ASM Queries

Disk Group Information set pages 1000 lines 120 col NAME for a15 select GROUP_NUMBER DG#, name, ALLOCATION_UNIT_SIZE AU_SZ, STATE, TYPE, TOTAL_MB, FREE_MB, OFFLINE_DISKS from v$asm_diskgroup; DG# NAME                 AU_SZ STATE       TYPE     TOTAL_MB    FREE_MB OFFLINE_DISKS ———- ————— ———- ———– —— ———- ———- ————- 1 DATA               1048576 MOUNTED     EXTERN       5114       3353             0 2 FRA                1048576 MOUNTED     EXTERN       5114       […]

Add New ASM Diskgroup

The system i’ll be adding the disk on is a linux system using asmlib. Current Set-up In the current set-up we have 3 disks with 1 disk in the FLASH disk group and the 2 remaning disks in the DATA diskgroup SQL> select PATH, HEADER_STATUS, MODE_STATUS, STATE from v$asm_disk; PATH HEADER_STATU MODE_ST STATE ————— ———— […]