set pages 128
set lines 128

column c1 heading ‘Pool |Size(M)’
column c2 heading ‘Size|Factor’
column c3 heading ‘Est|LC(M) ‘
column c4 heading ‘Est LC|Mem. Obj.’
column c5 heading ‘Est|Time|Saved|(sec)’
column c6 heading ‘Est|Parse|Saved|Factor’
column c7 heading ‘Est|Object Hits’ format 999,999,999
shared_pool_size_for_estimate c1,
shared_pool_size_factor c2,
estd_lc_size c3,
estd_lc_memory_objects c4,
estd_lc_time_saved c5,
estd_lc_time_saved_factor c6,
estd_lc_memory_object_hits c7

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